#TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter, the travel community hashtag

#TTOT  is the travel event on Twitter, hopefully you are already aware of it and participate regularly in the fun and informative weekly chats, now … Let’s make it  The social travel hashtag!

In January 2011 we started The Travel Talk on Twitter.

It was about time to have a travel event on Twitter, an event that belonged to and was controlled by the entire twitter travel community not just a select few . Answering this need a mixed crowd of travelers and companies out of the travel industry started #TTOT = Travel Talk on Twitter.

Right from the ‘off’ it was and still is the most successful travel event on Twitter. Every Tuesday at 9:30 am and at 9:30 pm GMT, hundreds of travelers meet up online and tweet about topics and questions, which were submitted by them via Facebook.

But the #TTOT hashtag is much more!

It’s the travel talk hashtag!

Whenever you need any travel related help…

Whenever you have a question for your travels…

Whenever you tweet about travel…

Just add it to your tweet!

It’s short & a very well known hashtag and growing all the time!

Travelers worldwide will look out for it and will use it as well to tweet about their passion… Travel!

It’s not a hashtag of a single company, it does not belong to one person, or even group of people, it belongs to you, it belongs to all of usIt’s yours… It’s OUR Social Travel Hashtag!

Twitter is about being social and it starts with a simple #TTOT, so don’t forget to use it with all of your travel related tweets!


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