Cycling in Asturias, arriving in Niembro on the Camino de Santiago (north) in Northern Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain_Mallory_Spain-7408

Life on the Camino; Cycling in Asturias

Walking is the most popular way of completing the Camino de Santiago (north), but cycling will appeal to those preferring two wheels to Shank’s pony! We gave it a try in Asturias, and it proved the perfect way to discover this natural paradise.
El Sablon Beach, LlanesGetting on your Bike
Taking to two wheels offers a few advantages, it’s quicker, so it will suit peregrinos with limited time, it will also allow greater flexibility to take diversions and explore or to pause longer in a place which

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Leggings and Lasagne; An active Cultural tour of Liguria

The intrepid team of media professionals invited to experience the pleasures of Liguria had been split into two groups, active cyclists and foodies, hence the title. The truth is however it was too warm to need leggings and although we all enjoyed a variety of pasta dishes, lasagne wasn’t one of them. Until the unification of Italy, Liguria was a …

Riding ebikes in Liguria, Italy

Guest Post by Alison Bailey When accepting the invitation to take part in an active trip to Liguria, Italy the stand out activity was the opportunity to ride some ebikes; I was curious. I’m now of a certain vintage where my mail consists of exotic cruises for the more mature and health care plans! However, slowing down is not an option….yet. Cycling …

Postcards from Canada; Whistler Bike Park

Whistler in Canada  is a year round destination, of course it is a resort that many skiers and snowboarders dream of visiting, the terrain and runs are legendary. However during the summer hikers visit to enjoy the well marked trails and spectacular wildlife but the mountain bikers also arrive in their droves. There are several thousand of them in the …

Île de Ré – French Pleasure Island

There are some places ideally suited to taking at a slow pace, idly wandering around the sites whether they are small picturesque villages, stunning harbours and beaches, vineyards or even lighthouses. The island of Île de Ré in French Charente–Maritime has all this and more. Île de Ré appears to be from a different era, narrow winding streets lined with pretty …