Taste for adventure, Iain Mallory


Who’s idea was this anyway?

It is probably about time I told people a little about myself, being mysterious is only  interesting for so long. Time to explain a little about why I believe this site has something worth reading, my definition of adventure and what qualifies me to write about it.

7364-BTPA-finalist-rgb-logo-242x300Always being aware that I had a thirst for adventure, it probably became clear whilst serving within the Armed Forces; I served as a Warrant Officer in the Army Physical Training Corps. My primary role was to run gymnasiums, recreational facilities and organise the unit’s fitness programme. However another large part of my responsibilities were to organise, co-ordinate and provide instruction for adventurous outdoor pursuit expeditions to all corners of the World.

Developing a Wanderlust

This provided ample opportunities for travel and enabled me to become highly qualified in a number of adventurous pursuits; including mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, diving and gain specific skills such as an avalanche specialist.
This fulfilled my life-long need for adventure and satisfied my wanderlust. Managing to travel to almost every continent on the planet and visiting some amazing destinations to climb or ski in the mountains or to dive on fantastic reefs or wrecks. Experiencing much along the way, many things which some would consider totally crazy.
Even as a kid on school trips and field studies this has been the case. Being the first to race to the top of a hill to swim in a freezing cold tarn in the Lakes or jump into a small brook to save a fast escaping wooden ruler! My teachers and parents were often lost for words and maybe they questioned my sanity at times!

Rafting in Kananaskis, Canada

Starting young
In fact the earliest adventure I can remember is when four years old wandering across to an island on a tidal marine lake near my home. The tide came back in and I was stranded until nearly 2am, my parents were frantic with worry of course, but despite being quite concerned about what they would say I had a great time.

Boarding in Breckenridge, Colorado

Running away from home was a bit of a regular occurrence, not because my home life was  especially unpleasant but because it seemed exciting; being a vagabond with no fixed abode sounds exciting when you are five years old.

I have always had an interest in sports, playing rugby at school to a decent standard, and a keen footballer and athlete. I also later branched out to compete in triathlons , mountain biking and cross-country events.


Rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado

After leaving the Army  I spent some time running a pub in the leafy glades of Wilmslow, Cheshire. It was a lovely traditional pub and most of the time was really enjoyable, but eventually my wanderlust again got the better of me and it was time to resign and give into the inevitable and go travelling once more.
World of interests
Among my other interests is a burning desire to try stormchasing , and would genuinely love the opportunity to spend a season chasing the furious side of nature with my camera in hand. Anybody with a vacancy that values enthusiasm above qualifications please get in touch.
Photography is another great passion of mine, I love the ability it gives me to express myself and capture great images for others to enjoy.

Sure there used to be a bar here somewhere

Social soul

I am a pretty social person, although enjoying travelling solo quite often; it is meeting or watching people along the way and engaging with them that often makes the journey worthwhile. I am always happy to share a coffee (my addiction), a Guinness , mojito or red wine and a good chat with other like-minded people. Feel free to come and offer to buy one if you see me around!


Above the clouds in Austria

Being an ex-rugby player I have on occasions allowed my boisterous side to get the better of me and found myself in some slightly ‘sticky’ situations. It is probably good to keep a little mystery so maybe in this case leaving it at that is prudent too! Rugby players enjoy a good sing-song even if we cannot actually sing, and I am no exception so be careful how many mojitos I enjoy, as one too many and it might be a wise decision to make a sharp exit left.

Bill Shankly statue at Anfield

My other interests include environmental issues, believing that civilization has responsibility for the planet that we call home. In the short time we have inhabited this amazing place we have affected it on it far more than any other creäture past or present and unfortunately to date most of it detrimentally. It is my hope we will come to our senses before it is too late, and still have faith that this will be the case.
I express my opinion on most topics. However rarely about politics; we assume politicians  have widely varying manifestos, but it makes little difference who is governing the country. Otherwise I am happy to chat about just about anything.
I have a love of animals, especially orcas and other predators. Finally am totally barmy about my favourite football team the mighty Blackpool !

Bodyboarding Donkey Head Beach, Oman