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Plan a Cruise Month and Rethinking Cruising

Have you taken a cruise, are you considering a cruise or maybe you are a regular cruiser? Regardless of your experience or knowledge, the Plan a Cruise Month campaign aims to get you excited about cruising.

Plan a cruise month, the SS Catherine of the UniWorldCruise line on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel uw_sc_exterior_5524_1

SS Catherine

Plan a Cruise Month and #CruiseSmile are a combined campaign by the global cruising industry to raise awareness about the variety of opportunities cruising offers. It is an annual initiative organised by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) to promote and inform, through deals, information and access to cruise industry experts through their hub CruiseSmile website.

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Find your cruise

A Cruise for Everyone

I have limited experience of cruising and along with many others my views are clouded by the perception of huge floating hotels sailing through the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Megaships which have neighbourhoods rather than decks, that can have hundreds or even thousands of passengers pouring ashore at the ports of call.

“To be honest, this kind of cruising does not appeal to me, it isn’t really my style of travelling. However, due to the Plan a Cruise Month campaign, I’m now aware of the wide variety and diversity of cruises available”

This demonstrates the success of the campaign, if it can convert a somebody like me into showing an interest in cruising, that has to be considered a bit of coup.

Travellers can now book a range of river cruises, not just on the major waterways of Europe, but mighty rivers like the Amazon or Nile. Ships now sail among the icebergs of the Antarctic or alongside the glaciers of Alaska. There is also an impressive choice of vessels, yes, there are still huge megaships, but there are also smaller ’boutique’ ships, even multi-masted sailing craft.

“The Plan a Cruise Campaign aims to demonstrate that there is a cruise suitable for every kind of traveller, leading me to realise I’m a small ship, huge adventure kind of cruiser”

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River cruising with UniWorldCruises

Eight-Day River Cruise in Burgundy and Provence

This cruise offered by UniworldCruises is a great example of the variety on offer. An all-inclusive cruise aboard the SS Catherine along the lovely landscapes of the Rhone and Saone Rivers between Avignon and Lyon. Van Goch and Cézanne followed similar routes, passing through sunflower fields with opportunities to visit vineyard cellar doors and for the more active to kayak under the UNESCO designated Pont du Gard.

All sounds pretty cool to me, and reminds me of my own experience cruising down the Danube, visiting some great cities and enjoying glühwein with my fellow passengers in the Christmas markets. Back onboard there was plenty of opportunity to take in the beautiful scenery while sipping mojitos. It wasn’t always my cup of tea, but it was still easy to understand the appeal.

I’m certainly interested in finding out more about the small ship cruises that are being offered. They seem to fit my model slightly better, visiting more adventurous places, fewer passengers, enabling them to become more familiar with each other and more environmentally friendly than their larger cousins.

This is where the campaign is a winner however, increasing awareness of the cruises available and pairing travellers with their ideal cruise partner.

This is a sponsored post, I’ve been compensated to publicise the Plan a Cruise Month campaign and highlight the UniworldCruise French river cruise. However, these are my own considered views.


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  1. Becky Schulze

    Thanks for sharing, and for being honest about being compensated. I think I would like a river cruise, and have been reading more about cruising, and river cruises in particular. Ocean cruising, I don’t think so. So, thank you for sharing this. I am most interested in river cruises here in the United States.

    1. Post
      Iain Mallory

      Thank you for commenting Becky, and I believe it was important to publicise the fact I was compensated directly for participating in the campaign. River cruises may be a vary good option, smaller, more intimated boats, although they still have a number of passengers, but it’s probably much easier to connect. I hope you find a cruise that suits you.

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