Cassagnes Comtaux; A flavour of the Aveyron

All travellers that take photographs probably have a number of images which instantly spark a memory, transporting them back to a place, or time. The reasons can be many, but often it’s just that the image seems to typify the destination, this is how this panoramic from Cassagnes Comtaux in the French Aveyron appears.

The rolling agricultural countryside, with the terraced vineyards, and stone built towns, dominated by a large Château, or abbey seems all the rage in this part of France.

Many of the towns, and villages can date their history back to medieval times, usually in centuries, and occasionally even in millennia. Some are bastide towns, fortified with thick fortress like walls, including watch towers, the remains of which are still visible in some. Modern cities with sky-high buildings made of reflective glass have their own appeal, but these stone built ancient towns have a special charm. They are very attractive, with narrow, winding streets, that are great fun to explore.

Although the cheeses of the region, may be more familiar than the wines, remains an important wine growing area. Agriculture is widespread throughout the Aveyron, dairy farms, and cornfields are everywhere, but viticulture, the science of growing grapes is also popular. The terraced vineyards in Cassagnes Comtaux are especially attractive, adding another dimension to the greenery of the French hillside.

Cassagnes Comtaux near Rodez, in the Aveyron region of the Midi-Pyrenees, France on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography  cassagnes_comtaux.jpg

Cassagnes Comtaux, a typical taste of the Aveyron

Other common features of the agricultural landscape when seen from a distance are the numerous fields which appear like pieces to a giant jigsaw puzzle. Small copses of trees often punctuate the hillside, occasionally spreading to cover slopes, where farms haven’t yet encroached.

This one image of lovely Cassagnes Comtaux, near Rodez seems to encompass the spirit of the Aveyron region. The town was mentioned as far back as 1000 AD, blending into the scenery, another feature typical of the region. I’m sure when viewed, it will immediately transport me back to this part of France.

The panoramic is composed of five images stitched together, and although it’s more pretty, than powerful it still strikes the right chord.

Photographs are often very evocative, they have that power, bringing back memories, or triggering the imagination to transport the viewer to places they have never visited. Does photography have this effect on you, is this what you love most about the creative art?


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