Singapore Quest for Good Service – A Surprise Package

Extensive use of crowdsourcing was employed as a method of discovering the best places to visit in Singapore. It allowed me to gain plenty of insight into the destination, receive recommendations for places to go, things to do and see, and where good service was usually received.

New bar in the Four Seasons hotel in the sovereign city of Singapore on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory_2618_fourseasons_singapore

I did eventually get a cocktail

I received several particularly enthusiastic recommendations in favour of the Four Seasons hotel. However, what impressed me even more; the marketing team reached out and invited me to come visit, and have a chat.

The Singapore Museum attractions on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-32_singapore_museum

Weeble people of Singapore

It might seem that any hotel or restaurant would be keen to take an opportunity to promote their product, and reaching out to a suitable conduit would be a logical step. However, I left contact details with several of the large chain hotels, including the Marine Sands, and even the Swissotel I was staying in, but none of them showed the remotest interest in speaking with me. Only the Four Seasons wanted to know more about the American Express project, and only they took the time to become involved.

Chinatown in Singapore on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-42_buddhist_temple

Buddhist temple in Chinatown

For that reason, I was soon sat enjoying a flat white in the luxurious surroundings of their newly refurbished bar with two team members. I even had a few minutes with the General Manager, who basically chastised me for drinking coffee, and not trying a cocktail; guess he hasn’t heard about my mojito addiction!

My hosts, Michelle and Andreana of the marketing team, treated me very well. They were very pleasant, offering loads of advice, and not merely giving me the hard sell about the hotel. In fact they did not speak much about it at all, preferring to discuss the project, and offer me some tips about suitable places to visit, things to do, and getting around the sovereign city.

The Four Seasons team reached out to me, with a genuine interest in the reason for my visit. I left the hotel feeling positive, a result of their sincere welcome, and how valued this made me feel. This importance of feeling valued was discussed in the “Dining Out” post of this series.

They even provided me with a complimentary spa treatment on the last day before I headed to the airport, this was especially appreciated of course. It was a great way to end the trip, and meant I departed Singapore feeling very good indeed. Positive proof of the American Express survey results?

Ferry boat near the Esplanade, Singapore on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-38_singapore_skyline

Singapore ferry


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  1. Ha Nguyen

    I’ve always wanted to go visit Singapore since I’ve heard a lot of good things about this beautiful country. I totally agree with your thought on hospitality service: “Spending large amounts of money, or visiting a high-class restaurant does not guarantee great service. Efficiency is expected, and a degree of pleasantness, but really excellent service requires a sincere welcome. Any hospitality service provider needs to make sure their customers feel like guests and that their custom is genuinely valued.” When I travel to a new place, I usually love to go see the local spots especially if I have some local people guide me. Those spots attract me more than the traditional famous ones because not many tourists know about them, and they give me a different vibe of the life there compared to the typical touristy sceneries that normal people would go to. High-class restaurants won’t be in the top of my list when I plan for my trip. There’s more to see than that. Anyhow, thanks for a very informative blog post. I want to travel to Singapore in the near future, so these tips will absolutely be helpful for me.

  2. Tina

    There are many beautiful country in Asia and Singapore is one of them. Lots of things to do to keep you busy the whole day while traveling, definitely a must visit country.

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