Quest for Great Service in Singapore with American Express

Our email inbox is the bane of many of our lives, sifting through, deleting reading and replying, are tasks which take up a large proportion of our working day. Once in awhile however, we receive one which within reading the first few lines, excite us, realising a special opportunity is being offered. Travelling to Singapore as an ambassador for American Express, definitely qualifies as a highlight one such email, and I eagerly signed up.

The sovereign city of Singapore in South East Asia on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography 8538495269_45a0eb0699_z

Singapore from the Flyer

The concept is quite cool, especially as American Express aren’t specifically looking for promotion of their card services. The financial giant is renowned for exceptional service, and they are setting out to scientifically prove that great levels of customer service leaves the recipient feeling equally great. The idea is to visit the sovereign city of Singapore and discover where goes that extra mile to look after their guests/customers.

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Good food

American Express partnered with international cognitive research organisation Neurosense earlier this year. They conducted a highly innovative study into the psychological ‘feel good’ factor, which excellent service provides, their research discovered the following:

  • Great service experiences have physiological and psychological effects on our bodies, as well as making us feel happier and calmer.

Research into how we share and talk about great service experiences also found that:

  • Almost a fifth (18%) of people admit to sharing a positive service experience immediately on Facebook or Twitter.
  • People are just as likely to share a positive than a negative experience (64%).
  • Almost half of us also feel compelled to tell someone else about a great service.

This trip will reinforce the results of the study, and it promises plenty of excitement. The people at American Express have set me some targets, I have to complete at least four activities from the following list:

The Raffles Hotel in the sovereign city of Singapore in SE Asia Home of Adventure, travel, photography - Mallory On Travel 8538163386_05499be6e3

The fabulous Raffles Hotel

  • Public transport (train, taxi, bus etc.)
  • Hotel or other accommodation
  • Restaurant or café
  • Shop or retailer
  • Visit an attraction
  • Tourist information
  • Speak to hotel concierge, ask for recommendations
  • Ask for directions whilst in a shop/ restaurant/ bar
  • Get something made (e.g. tailored suit)
  • Talking a tour to a place of interest
  • Recommendations from crowd sourcing

There are obviously plenty of other things I can do and this is where it gets especially exciting; I need your help! If you are a local, regular visitor to Singapore or have only visited once, it’s likely you have a wealth of recommendations for things to see, do and experience.

Therefore I need your advice, some of the best service experiences you’ve had in this destination. Please leave a suggestion as a comment, include some details of your own experience, what made it so good and why you’re recommending it. Perhaps leave a suggestion and photo on my Facebook page, better still do both!

Chinese lanterns in sovereign Singapore, SE Asia Home of Adventure, travel, photography - Mallory On Travel 8496344785_ed2d73b7c9_z

Chinatown and lanterns

There will be a series of articles posted describing the various service experiences that I receive during my visit and of course you can follow the journey via social media channels. The hashtag #inSingapore will be available to allow you to follow on Twitter and Instagram, but my experiences will also be shared on the other major channels.

The plan is to also use a variety of media, including video, which regular readers will be aware is a new format for me. It should therefore, prove interesting, but also quite amusing as I’ll be  learning on the hoof.

So please get involved, get excited with me, offer some suggestions for things to see and do, impress us all with your knowledge of Singapore, and follow the adventure both here and on social media.

Dragon dance in sovereign Singapore, South East Asia Home of Adventure, travel, photography - Mallory On Travel 8497450446_f86552e26f_z

The Dragon Dance

*All photographs by Flickr user Sue Lowry


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  1. Laurie Ashton Farook

    My husband and I moved to Singapore two years ago. It’s a great city to live in. People are friendly and helpful, especially if you look the least bit confused or lost. We’ve had many experiences of people approaching us to find out how they can help us and to give us directions. One old lady, who spoke very little English, still managed to give us fantastic directions using her mimes.

    Public transportation is convenient, efficient, and cheap. But rush hour on the train system is packed! If you want on, you pretty much have to shove your way on because there’s no room for anyone to move. Avoid rush hour if you can, though. Really. It’s that packed. We work from home, so generally, we have no problem avoiding rush hour. We only rarely take taxis – most of the time we use public transportation.

    If you can, I’d highly suggest visiting Little India, Chinatown, and the open-air markets in Bugis. And eating hawker food. And taking local cuisine for a very serious spin – fantastic food can be had in Singapore.

    1. Post

      Thanks Laurie I was already thinking of visiting Chinatown, it’s firmly fixed to the itinerary now, and i also have to use public transportation, so the rail network will have to be used. Thanks again for the recommendations.

  2. Megan

    I have to sing the praises of the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. I stay in dozens of hotels a year and the MO provided an exceptional experience. I actually sat down on the last day and wrote an email to the GM of the hotel. Haha. I’m rarely motivated to write extraneous emails to anyone, so that’s saying something. I have a copy/details if you’re interested. Enjoy your trip. It sounds fabulous.

    1. Post

      Thank you Megan, accommodation will obviously have been arranged by American Expresses agent, but I’ll check out the Mandarin Oriental, maybe try a restaurant.

    1. Post

      Well obviously 😉 No I’m travelling alone, but know they’re also sending other people to other destinations as a wider project. I’m a small cog in a very large wheel.

  3. Lyn Lindfield

    The Conrad – we stayed there for a week. Most tourists, from Australia at least, stay only a night or two on their way to Europe. By the end of the week we could see the hotel staff beginning to wonder who these crazy gweilos were who stayed for so long. The service was impeccable, efficient and always friendly – simply a wonderful experience.

    I know it sounds strange but if you get a chance hire a car, (Singapore is pretty easy to drive in) and try to get to some of the places the tourists don’t go. There is a lot of WW2 history in Singapore, especially for Brits and Australians.

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