Postcard from Iconic London – Favourite Destinations Series

It’s not just patriotism speaking when I describe London is one of the world’s iconic cities. It’s undisputedly a popular destination, statistics prove it’s the second most visited city on the planet. The London landmarks are among the most recognisable, along with those of Paris or New York.

I’d be crazy to suggest this is an iconic image of London, however it’s definitely an iconic view. The famous Palace of Westminster is the home of the two seats of power in this country, the Houses of Commons and Lords. Known collectively as the Houses of Parliament; this view is from close to the London Eye, looking across the River Thames. It is possibly the most photographed view of the city.

It’s difficult to imagine how many times a photographer has captured this particular view. Suggesting its representative of London however, flies slightly in the face of looking for alternative perspectives of the famous landmarks of the places we visit.

There is a reason they’re photographed so often however, and sometimes we just need to accept they are a pleasure to look at.

London landmarks; The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben, overlooking Westminster Bridge and the River Thames in London, UK on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-1_westminster_palace

A view of iconic London

There are several London landmarks here; included with the Palace of Westminster, is Big Ben, which is symbolic of London. Mention the city to almost anybody, regardless of whether they have visited, and surely many will think of the giant, iconic timepiece.

Westminster Bridge is also visible, spanning the River Thames. It’s not the most attractive of the cities bridges during the day, but when lit up at night it’s not too shabby. The barges ferrying along the river, plying their trade, and transporting goods from all corners of the earth to the capital, add to the picture. Unloading their goods for distribution throughout the country. They prove that the Thames is a working river and London a working port.

That’s important to remember, London means a great deal to many people; a centre of commerce, a hub for finance, one of the great shopping destinations, and of course a tourist hotspot. It’s a versatile city, ably accommodating workers and travellers alike, it’s wealth of landmarks and green spaces, scattered among the commercial landscape. The skyline is of a modern conglomeration, but at street level the architecture seems more traditional and attractive.

For me it’s a symbol of home. I’m from the north, and proud of it, Blackpool is my hometown, but regardless it’s the London landmarks which remind me of home when abroad. Icons of Great London, just like those pictured here.


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