Freedom is epitomised by a tern in flight in Riviera Maya, Mexico on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain_Mallory_mex16734

Freedom in Pictures – Evocative Images Series

Pictures are extremely powerful, a single photograph or painting can evoke a whole gamut of emotions and feelings. Happiness, sadness, anger, serenity, contempt, sympathy, ecstasy, despair, excitement and yes even boredom are just a few examples. Images also can inspire, invoking a wish to travel, to build, to create or even to start a family.

Freedom; A tourist boat at Pulau Hoga in Wakatobi in the Republic of Indonesia on Mallory on Travel adventure, adventure travel, photography

Places to go, things to see

This can make reviewing past images a pleasure, finding strong pictures, which we missed at the first sweep. Photographs can suddenly strike us in a different way altogether, spotting something that escaped us first time around. There maybe an unusual expression in a strong character filled face or there perhaps another subject of interest away from the main focus of the image.

A well captured photograph should always speak to us, as the originator it will bring back specific memories. However the best images will speak to all that view them, their story will be relative, each image will tell every viewer a slightly different story. They are open to interpretation, and we shouldn’t expect others to view the image exactly the same, or as intended when captured.

Freedom to roam; Car camping on the Isle of Mull in the highlands and islands of western Scotland on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel DSCF3564

Freedom to roam

Looking through the pictures from recent travels, these images, captured my imagination. They speak to me in a certain way, each one suggesting freedom, and although individually they are relatively simple images, together they become powerful symbols for a spirit of adventure.

They are all quite different, but have one thing in common, the ocean. I perceive the sea as a promise of freedom, it covers three-quarters of our planet, stretching out before us in an endless expanse of blue-green water, only broken by occasional waves. The last picture of the pelican seems particularly powerful, which isn’t too surprising; after all the phrase is “free as a bird”, I guess “free as a hedgehog” doesn’t quite evoke the same mental image.

Freedom in the wilderness, kayaking in Kluane National Park in The Yukon, Canada on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain_Mallory_Yukon1412634

Open space

All the images also suggest space, another reason they seem to represent freedom. There is the appearance of space to move, and to explore, further suggesting freedom.

The shelter on a beach suggests isolation, but more importantly it feels as if there is all the time in the world. No schedules to keep, no timetables to adhere to, just lots of spare time.

The other pictures feature boats, those that read this site regularly will be aware of my love of small vessels. The first boat in particular just seems is waiting, itching to go and promises a chance to escape.

They symbolise freedom and adventure, which is exactly what these photos have in abundance.

Freedom is epitomised by a tern in flight in Riviera Maya, Mexico on Mallory on Travel adventure travel, photography, travel Iain_Mallory_mex16734

Free as a bird


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      Thank you Beth really glad you liked reading it, and as you might have guessed I agree, images can be extremely powerful.

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