Postcard from Cuba; Favourite Destinations Photo Series

Cuban girl in Trinidad after a storm on the Caribbean island of Cuba on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-17 cuban_girl

Storm city

Choosing one photograph to represent a destination especially one that provided dozens of great photo opportunities is a challenge. Regular readers are already aware of my affinity for Cuba; a fascinating culture, a character on every street corner, new, interesting scenes encountered with each step, bustling cities in a beautiful and diverse country. The trip last year has resulted in a steady stream of posts and a whole portfolio of images, it is one of my favourite destinations visited since opting for website publishing as a career.

This image never fails to bring a smile, taken in Trinidad after a heavy electrical storm. The heavens had opened and for over an hour the raindrops had been literally bouncing off the uneven sidewalks and pot-holed roads.

The rumble of thunder had receded into the distance but the sky was still filled with huge dark clouds, threatening to release another deluge any moment. As it was early evening this further reduced the amount of light available, which provided it’s own challenges but also adds to the atmosphere of the shot.

There is so much about the picture that is pleasing, the vibrant colours of the streetlights reflected in the rain slicked, ramshackle streets of the town. The girl makes the perfect subject, possibly rushing home in the aftermath of the storm, amidst the remnants of nature’s fury. Her choice of clothing totally inappropriate for the conditions, no doubt hoping she reaches her destination before any possible encore from the heavens.

She is just peeping from under the sanctuary of the umbrella and moments later hid her smile completely beneath her only shelter from the elements. Her shyness made her seem even more endearing.

It is unlikely that everybody will agree with my choice, the image isn’t representative of Cuba. A classic car, flower ladies in Havana, children playing or chickens running in the streets may seem more suitable but this scene pleases me as much as any. There are many fond memories of the Caribbean island but few I find more evocative than this one.


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