Postcard from Barcelona; Favourite Destinations Photo Series

Beautiful Barcelona is a favourite city of many and certainly doesn’t need of any promotion from this site. It is one of the most popular cities in the world, travellers are divided into two groups, those that have already visited and those that want to visit.

A view of La Sagrada Familia from the roof of the Palau Güell in Barcelona capital of Catalonia in Spain on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-34 sagrada_familia-1

Gaudi’s masterpiece in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is blessed with attractions, a wealth of cool bars and restaurants distributed throughout it’s 10 districts. In the current economic climate Catalans are not keen on wasting their hard earned cash so the tapas bars have to be creative in attracting customers. High quality cuisine offering great value off-peak meal deals are popular and savvy tourists prepared to shop around can benefit too.

Interesting architecture is never far away and the city is synonymous with the modernisme of Antoni Gaudi, especially La Sagrada Familia, his most impressive project. Most travellers would not consider visiting Barcelona without dropping in on the famous landmark. To many it symbolises the city and for this reason I chose this image to represent it. Selecting a slightly  unusual angle however it was taken from the roof of the recently renovated Palau Güell, another of his impressive creations.

There are a number of ways to tour Barcelona, walking is recommended however as due to the layout even those that struggle with a map in their hands can easily navigate the city. Fashionable Las Ramblas is worth a visit day or night, it is always bustling, a popular hang out with street performers or artists and in the evening it has a party atmosphere. The nearby La Boqueria market is another favourite attraction with both locals and tourists providing plenty of colour and some possible options for buying dinner.

The Barrio Gotico district is the old city, built around the Roman town of Barcino. It is a must visit, navigating the narrow streets lined with stone walled buildings often they suddenly open up into pretty little plazas. Amongst the coffee shops and chic restaurants there are attractive churches, open markets, museums and the occasional surprise, it is steeped in history and a fascinating way to spend a few hours.

There is little in Barcelona which seems fake however the beach is, it was built specifically for the 1992 Olympics. However it is still usually filled with people enjoying waterfront activities and relaxing in the sun.

The capital is home to one of the most famous and best footballing teams in the world and a visit to the Nou Camp is not to be skipped. The stadium tour is known as the Nou Camp Experience offering a chance to look behind the scenes of one of sports greatest stages. Those lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch a match should jump at it, many devoted fans never get the chance and it is a once in a lifetime experience.

I’m not much of a city person, usually choosing to keep visits short before feeling slightly claustrophobic and hemmed in but Barcelona is one major conurbation that is worth spending awhile longer to explore.


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