Postcard from South Australia; Favourite Destinations Photo Series

Browsing images of kangaroos and wallabies looking for a suitable image to represent South Australia I realised that a marsupial picture was too simplistic. A cute koala may have been more difficult to reject but as there hadn’t been an opportunity to get an image this was irrelevant. Finding a more abstract image to represent this favourite destination seemed more fitting.

The art and culture of indigenous people has always fascinated me regardless of the destination. The usual ‘standard’ art in museums and galleries holds little appeal but the creativity of aboriginal designs, bright and vibrant seems much more attractive.

Adelaide is home of to the South Australian Museum which has an eclectic range of exhibits including aboriginal art and culture from which this image was taken. It is not a large exhibition or museum but one which the people of Adelaide and surrounding area are justifiably proud. In the nearby town of Hahndorf I met Neriba, a woman with a shop selling aboriginal art who displayed great pride in the museum.

It does not require long to enjoy the art and culture exhibitions, apart from these statuettes, there are totems, weaponry such as bows, shields, boomerangs, bullroarers, musical instruments such as didgeridoos and clappers. There are also plenty of indigenous paintings, it seems to me to be art of the people but also appeals to my inner child and this helps this exhibit relate to all age groups.

The image also seems appropriate because of course they are the indigenous people, the original settlers of Australia before the Europeans arrived. One of their most sacred sites the great rock monolith known as Uluru is globally recognised as a symbol of Australia.

Aboriginal art and culture exhibition at the South Australia Museum in Adelaide on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-62

Art of the people

Adelaide is an attractive city which seemed a little like an overgrown village community, people don’t seem in a rush as other cities but seem to retain the inimitable character of Australians.

Although there are plenty of attractions the market is one of the most popular, the locals do their food shopping there but also favour it as a meeting place. There are a number of independent coffee shops, without a Starbucks in sight, a great reason to visit then. The city is also home to a number of festivals, including it’s own ‘fringe’ which apparently is a half passable alternative to Edinburgh.

Located close to the famous Barossa wine region any self respecting lover of the grape is unlikely to be able to resist a visit. Dropping in at one of the numerous cellar doors provides an opportunity to try some excellent wines, lovers of red, white or rose, it’s unlikely anybody will be disappointed.

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s most popular wildlife destinations and is also within a short drive. Anybody visiting the area would be mad to miss out on overnight stop there.

Australia is a huge land mass, almost a continent. There is still plenty to explore but South Australia, is a suitable starting point, it has certainly won a place in my heart and become a favourite destination.


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