and the Ultimate Romantic Destination is …….

Happy Valentine’s Day, thanks for taking the time out from reading through the mountain of cards you received and the planned romantic dinner to view this post. Especially as there is also a mountain of published articles recommending the ultimate romantic destination, hotels and restaurants to take your special somebody. Where to whisk them to in a gesture of love that will sweep them off their feet.

Romantic destination; Sunset sailing a catamarran on the Atlantic Ocean near La Rochelle in the Poitou-Charentes, France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain_Mallory_009988

Sunset and sailing, romantic enough?

“Romantic destinations; advice or commercialism”?

Sipping Margaritas poolside with a loved one in a luxury hotel in an exotic destination enjoying a stunning sunset sounds idyllic and anybody should feel romantic in these surroundings. The opportunity to do so however is not available to us all, work commitments, financial constraints or child care issues may mean that it is necessary to ignore the promotional articles and celebrate closer to home.

Ultimate romantic destination; The Eiffel Tower in Paris France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-2 eiffel_tower.jpg

Your idea of the ultimate romantic city?

Making a huge romantic travel gesture will probably have the required effect on the object of your desire. They should be swept of their feet, and the look of disbelief on their face when revealing the surprise will be priceless.

“Romance is carried in our hearts”

However just being together, spending time in each other’s company is often enough, a quiet night in enjoying a meal together will often set the mood just as easily. A romantic getaway is an impressive gesture but being surprised by your better half  planning and producing a candlelit dinner is an equally desirable gesture in my opinion.

Tequila on the Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya in Mexico on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-5-1

A little libation can help set the mood

Romance is carried in the hearts of each of us,  it follows that it is found wherever we are, the time, place or circumstances are immaterial. Regardless of whether we spend Valentine’s Day on a beautiful white sand beach in a secluded Caribbean bay or watching a romcom on the sofa at home with a bottle of wine, the results are similar.

If the opportunity to travel is available then of course go for it. However, if not making the most of current surroundings, and circumstances can be the most romantic gesture of all. Purchasing a bunch of flowers and a card on Valentine’s Day will be gratefully received but appreciating your partner and celebrating your feelings all year round is more important than any single grand gesture on one particular day.

Cupid does not only holiday in exotic destinations, appearing worldwide as a hard-working deity with a full-time year round occupation. It is possible to receive a visit at anytime, the small, bow wielding cherub does not seem particular about his ‘victims’ though some seem to welcome him more readily and regularly.

keeping romance alive

We’ve all probably either arranged or received a romantic gesture which blew us away, still able to vividly recall our emotions. True romantics are more fortunate than most of us, they experience these feelings everyday. They provide their partners with countless small but important regular gestures of love, the little sparks which display their devotion and keep romance alive.

Sunset dining on the Carmen del Playa in Riviera Maya in Mexico on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-6-1

Sunset dining … a great romance prop

The prospect of travelling certainly appeals, and appears romantic, it is easy to relate to the excitement of planning, and making a journey. Exotic souks, desert dunes, high mountain plateaus, secluded beaches or sailing around remote islands all appeal to our sense of romance however they are accessories, props provided by Cupid to aid us in becoming lucky in love.

Ultimate romantic destination Ile d’Aix in the Poitou-Charentes region of France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-33 (3)-1

Together time is important

Being romantic maybe easy on a beach in Bali but retaining that spark year round back home, coping with the humdrum of daily life is more of a challenge.

It is not the place or circumstances that are ultimately important, it is the person we share them with that matters. Spending time in the company of the right person, regardless of where it is will be the perfect recipe for romance. The ultimate romantic destination ……. we carry it in our hearts.

Romantic destination; Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-28

It’s not where you are that matters


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