A Traveller’s Life; The Peaks and Troughs

“Adventure is cautious impetuosity”

Peaks and troughs, highs and lows, swings and roundabouts, life is a rollercoaster, rough with the smooth; no I’m not trying to break a record for the number of metaphors in a single sentence. These are all terms used to describe the normal cycle of life, sometimes the going is good and at others it is a challenge. With the possible exception of Victoria Beckham most of us do not manage to sail through life.

The peaks surrounding Glacier Lake in Catalonia Aigüestortes i Estanys de Sant Maurici National Park on Mallory on Travel adventure photography Iain Mallory-300-49

Glacier Lake in Aigüestortes i Estanys de Sant Maurici, Catalonia

In common with most travellers I’ve had a few trials and tribulations, some less than pleasant encounters, and several dodgy moments. Most were the result of an ill-advised attempt to find some extra excitement.

Removing national flags from outside Italian police stations resulting in an armed raid of the hotel the following day or spending a night in a Moscow prison cell after disagreeing with a taxi driver, in hindsight neither were sensible choices.

Delta l'Ebre in the Spanish Catalan on Mallory on Travel adventure photography Iain Mallory-300-111

Feet washing in the Delta l’Ebre, Catalonia

A dislocated thumb from ‘tobogganing’ off a room in Chamonix with a cardboard box or bruised heels and backside from having to jump down after underestimating how difficult a solo climb would be. Even dropping from a flag pole into deep snow after another attempt to ‘borrow’ a national flag in Leysin Switzerland fortunately escaping serious injury.

Mount Athos a religious peak in the Thessaloniki region of Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure photography Iain Mallory-300-3

Mount Athos, Greece in a stunning setting

These small adventures were sometime ago when younger, a little wilder and often the result of an extended drinking session with other climbers or skiers.

I’ve been chased by two Dobermans on my mountain bike, been misplaced more times than I care to remember and on several occasions strolled into somewhere it was wiser not to, feeling slightly concerned for my well-being.

The High Atlas Mountain peaks of North African Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Peaks of the high Atlas, Morocco

These may seem like the troughs my travels but absolutely not, I remember them fondly. They always bring a smile to my face, and anybody that shared with me will soon remind me of them when we meet.

They rank along my first bungee jump, swimming with orcas, the first time I visited the Himalaya and many other highlights which have been my privilege to have experience.

The stunning Pic du Midi in the French Pyrenees on Mallory on Travel adventure photography Iain_Mallory_030499

The Pic du Midi in the French Pyrenees

All were survived, and hopefully they’ve been learned from, therefore they are positive experiences and maybe more accurately described as peaks and summits of a traveller’s life. I am hopefully a little wiser and slightly less impetuous but only slightly as I would hate to eradicate all the ‘mishaps’ from my travelling experiences.

View from the summit of the Rigi Kulm near Lucerne, Switzerland on Mallory on Travel adventure photography Iain_Mallory_065033

View from the Swiss peak Rigi Kulm

Half the fun of travelling is getting into scrapes and extricating yourself from them, the best stories often come from these unplanned adventures. Meeting a challenge is often what keeps us feeling young, motivated and entertained.

“The most ambitious adventures make take a lifetime of planning but the adventure of a lifetime will most likely be totally unplanned”

If anybody is wondering why the post is full of images of mountains, they are peaks of course. This weeks topic for #FriFotos is Peaks and this is thinking outside the box!

Pyrenean peaks in France on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

The French Pyrenees


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  1. Jacqueline

    Wow! These are some truly stunning photos. I’m going to be visiting the Himalayas later this year, and Switzerland is definitely on my list as well. I like how you used the photos as an the ups & downs of traveling life. It is ALWAYS an adventure! 😉

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