Postcard from Cuban roadwork’s; A Motorist’s nightmare

After witnessing this scene in Cuban Baracoa, if I ever complain about roadwork’s again you have my permission to give me a good slap!

Imagine having to live on this street, negotiating this mess everyday or just looking out of the window to be greeted with this scene. It’s not obvious what work is being carried out here but one thing is for certain they’re thorough.

Roadwork’s are the bane of every motorists life, the mere sight of a warning sign, a few cones or the road being dug up will have them muttering under their breath a few expletives at the very least. Often the poor workmen will be on the receiving end of a foul mouthed tirade within the confines of the vehicle, which fortunately they will be unaware of.

Cuban roadwork's in Baracoa on the Caribbean island on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Whole new meaning to ‘Major Roadworks’

It is hard to imagine what the average driver would make of this mess and the diversion they’d need to make. It is another example of how comfortable our lives are and how little we appreciate that.

Just walking down this street was a challenge, it almost had a feeling of an obstacle course. Stepping over narrow gullies, avoiding loose earth, climbing over low embankments of earth the only thing missing was the roar of an Army instructor encouraging greater effort.

Scenes like this are the little things which drive home the differences in our cultures, it is unthinkable that one of the local streets where I live could be devastated to this extent. It almost appears as if a torpedo has been fired directly down the street, quite an unbelievable sight.

It may not look much to some, it isn’t a pretty beach scene, there aren’t any majestic mountains or impressive architecture or portraits of colourful characters. Maybe I am easily impressed but coming across simple but unexpected scenes like this is my joy, my drug. These are the surprises which keep me travelling, continuing to explore and discovering adventure in everyday.

Classic Cuban car in Baracoa on the Caribbean island on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Ok I relented …. here’s a classic car


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  1. Jim O'Donnell

    This is indeed interesting culturally because American and UK drivers would NEVER put up with this and because planners and engineers know this, they would rarely – if ever – even attempt it.

    Last month there was a sewer pipe that broke under the street in my neighborhood. They had to tear up the street and replace the pipe. It was a big job but in order to not interfere with traffic too much (and this is a low traffic street…) the guys showed up at 5am and set to work and didnt leave until they were finished at about 7pm. A long day but a one day job.

    1. Post

      I totally understand where you are coming from here Jim, we were in Baracoa for three days and this street was like it for the whole time and at no time did I even see a workman. This was in June, I wouldn’t be surprised if this street still looks like this now.

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