Postcard from a lovely Lake Lucerne cruise, Switzerland

Cruising on Lake Lucerne is about the limit of my cruise expereince. Sailing on a large ocean going liner has never really appealed to me, spending weeks on a floating luxury hotel sounds idyllic but seems a little too hedonistic.

The appeal is obvious, every whim being catered for on a five star all inclusive resort, which docks at numerous exciting locations sounds incredible. Those that have little holiday time, that need time to chill out without having to think arrange too much for themselves, making the most of their limited time probably find it the perfect option.

Still others like to be challenged a little, to organise themselves and try to experience everything a destination has to offer, exploring at leisure without needing to rush back to a ship before it sets sail.

Cruise ship on Lake Lucerne coming in to dock at Weggis, Switzerland

Cruising into dock at Weggis

We all travel in our own manner and judgement should be reserved until I’ve actually experienced a cruise of this type. Though a smaller sailing vessel passing through the North-West Passage or around the Cape of Good Hope sounds more my kind of cruise. It’s called an adventure cruise, just the name sounds exciting.

Taking a short day cruise on Lake Lucerne on a chilly but clear day in December will do until this opportunity arises. It is the ideal way to see the area around the lake, allowing stop offs at Weggis and Vitznau. The views both on the lake and from the Rigi Kulm are worth the fare alone.

The image above was taken from the small jetty at Weggis where the cruise boats dock. It is not a large harbour of course but the scenery means waiting for the craft to return to Lucerne isn’t any inconvenience. In fact I was almost disappointed when it arrived and considered waiting for the next one to come along.

Sitting on the jetty looking across to Mount Pilatus provided a moment of bliss which could have been ruined for my companions if I hadn’t managed to resist the temptation to start singing “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay“!


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      That’s great Christina, I’m sure you had a great time, shame you didn’t take a stop at Weggis it is a pretty little alpine village, maybe next time.

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