Smoasting all over the World

Social media seems to throw up a new trend or social phenomenon every other day. With the growth of new ways to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + as well as sharing sites like Pinterest or StumbleUpon we can instantly share whatever we see immediately with family, friends or followers. This has given rise to smoasting, be patient we’ll get to it.

playing like a guy using the urinals in the gents toilets”

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the person was thinking about when they posted the image. Good friends sharing pictures of each other throwing up, a best friend’s bad hair day or a female friend playing like a guy using the urinals in the gents toilets. If they had been taken on an camera, the time taken to download and possibly edit the images would surely have been long enough to realise  posting is a bad idea.

The Opera House in Riga, one of the Baltic states, Lativa on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Smoasting from Riga

Currently there is the baby passport picture which has gone viral, despite being an instant success are the parents as instantly regretful? I’m not sure how they will explain their spontaneous sharing to their offspring when he is still gettting hell over it when he’s forty. Children especially have memories like elephants about these things and in the event it temporarily slips their mind the picture will always be around on the internet to give them a nudge.

Social media is also popular for sharing those impossibly cute pictures of baby animals doing all manner of sickeningly sweet things. Yeah I know they look cute but they also make me want to throw up at times, no pictures please!

Some of you maybe aware of a trend known as smoasting. It’s really not that new but it has become so commonplace that it warrants a name. For those unfamiliar with the term it is basically using social media as a tool for boasting to friends about their cool travel experiences.

blogging is all about sharing the travel porn”

Destinations and itineraries are planned around the potential kudos that the images shared on Facebook etc will bring the smoaster. This is the source of their pleasure and great satisfaction is gained from the envious comments on the various platforms. Showing off pictures of themselves in front of the most iconic travel sights in the world to their friends and family is their high.

Smoasting at the Grand Mosque in Muscat, in the muslim state of Oman  on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Smoasting from Oman’s Grand Mosque

Most of the popular tourist attractions are now flooded with people randomly pointing their smartphones at everything that moves and almost everything that doesn’t. Immediately a wifi hotspot is found they will be busily tapping out a witty caption to accompany their top snap. They probably have the latest apps, downloaded immediately they were released. Incidentally hands up if you have ever found yourself having one of those “have you seen this cool app” conversations.

I like many others hide behind the fact we publish a travel website, are we are merely professional smoasters? Personally I share so much on Twitter or Instagram that they should be offering me a sponsorship deal. We can cover our tracks though as blogging is all about sharing the travel porn with our readers and passing on the experience, providing tips and a guide to the destination.

Social media is about being social, it is about engaging with others, sharing is an important part of that, though just sharing for the sole reason of creating envy does not seem in the right spirit. It appears to have produced a whole new class of traveller, smoasting their way around the planet.


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