Postcards from a World of Treats

We all love a treat and whilst they may come in many forms, a brand new iPad, a trip abroad or tickets to a concert by a favourite artist this post is concentrating on the sweet kind.

Cakes galore in a French patisserie in Montauban in the Aveyron on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Cakes galore

There is possibly something a slightly sinister that all the sweetest treats seem to be bad for us. Filled with sugar they rot our teeth, make us put on weight and can cause diabetes or other illnesses. However regardless of this there are few that don’t indulge their sweet-tooth occasionally. Naughty but nice!

Patisserie in Montauban in the French Aveyron on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Shopping for treats

Treats are by nature very tempting and it takes a strong will to resist a little indulgence when coming across French patisseries, Italian gelato or Belgium chocolate.

It is difficult to resist a freshly baked cake in France or Austria, their bakeries are filled with mouthwatering pastries to enjoy. They complete our coffee break.

24 carat gold leaf ice cream in St Martin, Île de Ré, France on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

24 carat treat

Ice cream is a favourite of many, plain vanilla or coconut are refreshing but Baileys flavour, maybe a sickly dark chocolate or a combination of flavours are more popular. Ice cream makers have become adventurous in recent years with chocolate and salt, oyster flavour and even 24 carat gold leaf ice cream.

Christmas is a time for giving and treating your nearest and dearest. Many of us complain about eating turkey sandwiches into the New Year, complaints about the mountain of chocolate that was consumed within hours of being opened are seldom heard.

The goodies at Manchester Christmas market on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Goodies at Manchester Christmas Market

At Christmas the European markets are filled with temptation, apart from the gallons of glühwein that a small group can quaff the stalls of sweet things can test the strongest will. Fudge, nougat, sticky candy and of course chocolate are piled high just waiting for the unsuspecting to fill a bag.

The treats at Manchester Christmas market on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

A Manchester treat stall

Our world is filled with sweet temptation; no matter how far we travel there will be Turkish Delight, fruit pie with cream or some other special treat. We cannot escape treats, but then why should we want to?

The treats at Cologne Christmas market Germany on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Cologne Chrsitmas Market

“Everything in moderation”, that advice has been passed down through generations along with “a little of what you enjoy won’t harm you”. Both make good sense to me, so unless there is a genuine health reason why deprive ourselves?

Sweet shop in Montauban, the Aveyron region of France on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Sticky French treats

Go on treat yourself to something sweet, if not today then when?


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