Postcard from Vancouver seafront; the Lego Orca

Taking a leisurely stroll along the Vancouver seawall to Stanley Park is a great way to spend a sunny day in the city. Popular with locals and tourists alike, there always seems plenty of people around.

Whether walking, cycling, inline skating, playing sport or just hanging out in the sun, the pathways, green areas and cafes keep everybody entertained. Vancouver is a very active city, exercise and the outdoors are a way of life for many and there are literally thousands of people out when the sun shines.

The waterfront is a playground too, yachts and rowing boats dot the entire harbour area, everybody enjoying their chosen activity. There is also a rowing club where members of the public can get lessons and water planes offer sightseeing tours above the city.

The marina has all manner and sizes of boats moored there, huge luxury cruisers and yachts. The quaint and often colourful houseboats are my favourites, some are even designed so they look just like a small house. The seawall also provides a great view of the city skyline, the many glass buildings stretching high into the sky, often reflecting the buildings or other surroundings. The Stanley park side viewpoint is especially impressive.

Starting out from Canada Place this large sculpture which looks a lot like a Lego Orca attracts plenty of attention. It is actually called the “Digital Orca”, designed by Vancouver resident Douglas Coupland. There are literally dozens of people crawling all over it, it is a popular climbing frame for children posing for photographs.

Orcas are my favourite creatures and really like this sculpture, its kind of quirky but ably displays the power and sheer beauty of these animals. Vancouver has plenty of cool architecture and sculptures, but this is my favourite.

The designed Digital Orca on Vancouver seafront British Columbia, Canada on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

A very popular orca


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