Postcard from Cuba; Dramatic skies over Trinidad

I love this image from Trinidad in Cuba, the dark skies which warn of the pending storm that arrived an hour later give it a dramatic effect. The angle adds to this, as it was taken from a low angle with me lying on the ground to obtain the image I was looking for.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the Plaza Mayor of Trinidad, Cuba in the Caribbean on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Dark skies in Trinidad

The Church of the Holy Trinity as a particularly interesting story and one I have related before. However it’s worth repeating for those that have not read that post.

The church is built on the grounds of a church previously destroyed by a cyclone in the 17th Century. It houses the wooden statue of “The Lord of the True Cross“. Dating back to the 18th Century the statue was originally destined for a church in Mexico, however bad weather forced the ship transporting the statue back to Trinidad 3 times. The statue was off-loaded along with some other cargo and it was seen as a sign that the statue should remain, so it was placed in the church.

As promised the heavens soon opened after this image was taken, forcing my companion and I to take refuge in a nearby shop. It was the wet season on the Caribbean island so rain can be expected  but the amount can be shocking. In around 30 minutes many inches of rain must have fallen, it was bouncing off the cobbled surface of many of the roads. Small streams were formed within minutes, flowing down the streets and becoming small ponds in the hollows of crossroads.

Pedestrians caught out in the storm were soaked within seconds, umbrellas provided little protection and the only sensible option was to find some sanctuary quickly.

The doors of the church were firmly closed so this house of worship on this particular day was not in the sanctuary providing business. Fortunately for us the nearby cool little shop selling ornamental coffee pots was! It was great being able to watch the storm from relative comfort. The drama unfolding as locals and tourists splashed around through the puddles in their haste to find cover and a trader vainly attempting to cover their goods.

Unlike home storms are common in Cuba, though even so quite a few of the locals could be seen sat in their windows enjoying one of natures most spectacular shows.

Ornamental coffee pot shop near the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba in the Caribbean on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Shame they don’t actually sell coffee too


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