Postcard from Riga, Latvia; Art in the Square

I’ve chosen a couple of images from a square in the pretty city of Riga, Latvia for today’s travel photos. The central part of the city is quite compact and can be walked around in an afternoon. All of the main sights are within walking distance although the trams or tour buses can also be good options.

There are plenty of bicycle taxis too, some playing loud music and quite colourful. Taking an official taxi is probably a good idea to ensure the correct fare is charged. It must be quite difficult to make a living however, most do not seem to be doing much business, they are often just attempting to attract passengers on street corners or in the main squares.

Small square in Riga, the capital city of the Baltic state of Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Amongst the flowers in Riga

Taking a cruise is another recommended way to see Riga, it is excellent value following the canal past the market and along the river. It also passes through the parks where many will be seen just relaxing.

This little square is very popular with a number of bars, restaurants and coffee shops for visitors and Latvians alike and a good place to retire to after some sight seeing or a cruise.

I like the mural which is on the building at the far side of the square, these two images however show the square from slightly unsual angles. The flowers in surrounding pots or the line of trees as points of focus just give what might otherwise be ordinary pictures a little more interest.

I also like the gentleman in the second image that seems intrigued by the mural, pausing during his walk through the city to observe and examine the art on the wall of the square. It has also been rendered using HDR editing software, not only to merge contrasting images but to provide another dimension.

Small square in Riga, the capital city of the Baltic state of Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

More of the mural


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  1. Lizzie Davey

    Great photos Iain! One of the things I look forward to most about different places is the street art. It’s fascinating to see how graffiti and wall murals link in with a destination’s culture. I love this example from Latvia… really eye catching.

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