Postcard from the Great Bear Rainforest sunset

Another beautiful day in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia was followed by a lovely sunset, the weather was spoiling us.

This boat is one of the King Pacific Lodge’s fishing vessels, probably shortly after a returning with a boatload of guides and salmon. This is the usual pattern of the evening. The guides may spend all day taking guests to the hotspots and ensuring that plenty of salmon are landed but come the evening they are out again fishing for themselves. This is one of the features that make the lodge quite special, the guides genuinely love what they do.

They were probably also making the most of the unusually pleasant weather, everyday over my stay was filled with clear blue skies, plenty of hard fighting fish and crisp sunsets. It was necessary to keep reminding myself this is a rainforest and the weather is rarely this good for so long.

I am sure staying at this great location is a special experience regardless of the weather. Stunning scenery, fantastic wildlife, fishing and activities will ensure there are plenty of happy ‘campers’ but I’m still quite glad we had been blessed for this weekend.

Sitting on the dock of the lodge bay when the sun is setting on days like this is very special. I enjoyed sipping a cocktail and watching a regular visitor to the bay, a sealion, fish or scavenge for fish parts thrown away by the guides whilst filleting the fish on two evenings. An occasional glance at the moored boat and memories of aching muscles and jumping chinook salmon come flooding back.

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Sunset at the King Pacific Lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, Canada on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

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