Postcard from Catalonia; Fun in the Delta l’ Ebre rice paddies

Now what do we have here, what could this group of inadequately dressed and inexperienced people possibly be doing picking rice in a Catalan rice paddy? It was a day spent in the Delta l’ Ebre wetland region of Catalonia, Spain, apart from learning about picking rice we also discovered how to fish with nets and the difficulties of punting a traditional boat.

I know what is supposed to be going on but am not sure totally what is actually happening here. A few seem to have given up their own rice picking efforts to laugh at the poor attempts of others. I have a feeling it is more likely to be something that one of my companions JD (@earthXplorer) has said, he is always up for laugh and sharing some his humour.

Jack (@RealTenerife) looks like he forgot his wellies and I am also really intrigued what Julie (@collazoprojects) on the far left is staring at, she appears to be checking out the size of somebody else’s bum!

Maybe rice picking isn’t the most exciting way to spend an afternoon in beautiful Catalonia, but it was a new experience in a region of great diversity. There was usually plenty to hold the attention of the group, lovely cities, cooking calçots, building castells, watching gladiators, stunning mountain parks and plenty of great food and wine to enjoy.

Rice picking in the paddies of Delta l' Ebre in Catalonia, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Not your average rice pickers

At least one or two were preoccupied with an internal Foursquare checking-in competition, which provided another source of amusement for the rest of us.

These experiences are what make trips like this extra special, travelling on a blog trip alone is great fun, it has a feeling of independence but sharing them provides another dimension. Mixing with like minded people, hearing about their own travels, their view of travel and yes blogging can provide a great learning experience.

I never cease to be amazed or learn from others regardless of their background, niche or worldliness, everybody has something to contribute and we can all learn from one another. This is why we choose to share through our blogs.

If nothing else these trips provide images like this which enable me to manipulate them to appear a little more amusing than they might actually be!


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    wonderful postcards with an awesome description… yes you said it right traveling is a mode to understand the different cultures of different people & places but I feel like the real enjoyment is when we truly get a memorable moment to remember about that particular trip…

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