Postcard from a chance for adventure

Take a good, long, close look at this picture; what do you see, what does it represent to you? It is likely some will just see an empty street, maybe notice the bar and feel a little thirsty, still more will be able to pull it apart critically noticing its many flaws.

It is a simple image, there is not a great deal happening, there’s not much of a story to tell, it undoubtedly seems boring to many.

A quiet street in Riga the capital city of the Baltic state of Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Where does it lead?

Ready to move on, indulge me a moment longer. Now imagine yourself stood in front of this street, what would you be thinking? Ignore it and move to the ‘must see’ sight that you’ve headed towards all day, maybe give the bar a try, the food could be good and its time for some refreshment anyway. Both are possible options.

There are a few however that will be drawn towards the street, curiousity will lead them to explore what cannot actually be seen. Where does it lead, this will be their motivation; it is what makes them tick.

This is often how adventures start, or at the very least how the interesting or unusual only discovered by a select few.

“There is an adventure waiting around many a corner”

It is the unknown that appeals to these modern-day adventurers, it may just be a blind alley, with nothing of interest but then again …..

Blind alleys often turn out much more interesting than first anticipated or at least have just what the traveller is seeking. It may cater for their exact needs; a small souvenir or art shop selling the perfect gift, the best bar in the city, a quirky little museum that seldom gets visited, awesome graffiti or a great street performer just out of earshot or an adventure however small.

Ignore the unknown and you will never find out, except from the tales of others.

“The true adventurer does not need to seek adventure, eventually adventures will find them”

This is a favourite quote of mine, but what does it actually mean, is it just self-indulgent BS? Possibly, but my meaning is that although adventurers do not actually need to seek them, their curiousity and attitude will put them in the path of adventures more often than most.

It does not really matter which city this street is in, it could be any city in the world. One caveat of exploring however is remaining safe, and this city is relatively risk free. Where safety is an issue caution should always be exercised.

Most places are generally safe however and the suggestion is not to become too fixated on following normal tourist paths in the places you visit. Sometimes take a wander down the quiet street and find out what is around that corner, it seldom costs anything. Be a tale teller not a listener, be an explorer in a modern world.

Take another look at the picture; what do you see now?


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  1. Gagan Chauhan

    Great Post, Mallory! Love the pictures and the story telling!!! Glad I stumbled upon your blog today! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of the week!!

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