Postcard from a Greek lap of Luxury

I am spending the weekend in sheer unadulterated and unashamed luxury as a guest of the Sani Resort in Halkidiki, Greece, attending the Jazz Festival which is held each evening over this weekend. Known as ‘Jazz on the Hill’ it has a great chilled atmosphere and is celebrating 20 years here.

Sunset at the Sani Hotel Resort in Halkidiki, Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Enjoying her personal sunset

I will review both the festival and the resort in detail in other posts but thought it would be cool to share a couple of pictures, postcards from the hotel resort.

As a brief outline the place is huge, with several different hotels, private villas, plenty of tasty restaurants and beachside bars, some of which are already favourite hangouts, a marina, cinema, showbars and of course beautiful beaches.

There is a great deal to explore in a short weekend but I’ll be professional and get round as many as I can, provided there aren’t too many distractions from the numerous lovely women and a certain bar called ‘Mojito,’ I <3 Greece!

Blue pools at night in the Sani Hotel Resort, Halkidiki, Greece on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Stunning ble pools at night


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