Postcard from a Cuban horseman

This is one of a series of images taken from through the windscreen of the Intrepid Travel tour bus on a Cuban roadtrip. There always seems to be something interesting happening at the roadside.

Regardless of whether in a city or on an open road in the middle of nowhere, unusual vehicles, people waiting for a lift, selling cooked corn or fresh fruit or livestock grazing the lush grass, it’s a fascinating place to take a roadtrip.

Taking pictures from a moving vehicle can be a challenge, trying to get sharp well composed images without unwanted reflections takes practice. Avoiding the distractions of insect roadkill on the windscreen takes a little practice too but the more photos taken the easier it seems to become. Strange that isn’t it?

This horseman was encountered as we were entering Cienfuegos it is not that unusual a sight in Cuba but for a Lancashire lad it is not something seen everyday. It may not be the sharpest image but it isn’t bad and will bring memories of the country flooding back for many years to come.

The horse appears to be in excellent condition and is a beautiful, proud creature. The rider also looks in good shape, both have great musculature and obviously lead active working lives, which is common here.

A photo essay from the days spent on the road from Baracoa to Havana should make some interesting reading.

Horserider on the streets of Cienfeugos on Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

On a horse with no name?


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