Postcard from a Cuban-African dance

During the visit to Trinidad our group took the opportunity to enjoy a Cuban-Africa dance show. Most of the dances seemed to be influenced by Africa and the period when slavery was practiced.

The dancers were wearing clothing associated with slavery and there was none of the celebratory dances of Calypso or salsa. Instead there was a great deal of intensity, passion and at time aggressive movement. Most of the dancing is highly theatrical, with stories behind them, like an African ballet.

I had originally intended to use a flashgun but instead opted for using spot metering on my DSLR. This meant that many more images did not turn out in the low light but that the movement was not merely ‘frozen‘ by the flash. Therefore emphasising the dancers flowing skirt in this image.

The dancing was vibrant throughout the show and although not as joyous as being played in the street music or bars but did seem to represent Cuba and the Caribbean. The show was surprisingly short, with just a handful of different dances, but with this intensity it was probably tiring too.

Accompanied by equally powerful rhythms and some soulful vocals, it is an expressive experience and well worth the few pesos entrance fee.

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African-Cuban dancer in a show in Trinidad, Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

The intensity of dance


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