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Invites to participate in photo sharing posts are fairly common, it is a sign of the rising influence of social media and blogging. Choosing which ones worth  being involved in can be tricky but when TravelSupermarket invited me to enter their ‘Capture the Colour‘ photo essay competition, the decision was a simple one. Regular visitors to this site will already be aware of my love affair with bright, vibrant colours and sharing  is my passion.

It is also a competition with prizes, which gives it additional appeal, a cash prize would be useful as I always need a new lens and even an iPad would be handy to have.

Blue – Colourful Character

Honduran in full costume at ITB Berlin, German

Honduran Colourful character

This gentleman was on the Honduran display at the ITB Berlin travel trade show this March. Whilst I love the vibrant blue of his bodypaint, his stare is equally as intense. The category is blue however and he fits the bill perfectly. The show provided ample photography opportunities, several colourful displays could easily have fulfilled the other categories here.

Green – Green beekeeping

Trancehumance beekeeping in Val d’Azun in the French Pyrenees on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Green agriculturism

Rather surprisingly this was quite a difficult category to fulfill, green is all around most of us. spring throughout the world, forests or even the fabric of a hot air balloon. This image is from the Val d’Azun in the French Pyrénées where a special form of agriculturalism known as transhumance is practiced. This involves moving livestock including sheep and cattle from the villages to the higher meadows for the summer. The animals feed on the grass and herbs and it really does positively affect the taste of the meat. The same appears to be true of the honey that beekeepers produce by using the same methods. The high valleys shown here with all their greenery hopefully give a feel of the purity of the region.

Yellow – Dawning on me

Hot air ballooning in La Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Ballooning at sunrise in Catalonia

Probably my easiest image to choose, a stunning sunrise from a hot air balloon over La Garrotxa volcanic region of the Catalonian Pyrenees. The bright but hazy sunrise gave the whole countryside a yellow tinge and a few have thought the photo enhanced with a yellow filter however it is purely natural straight from the lens. It is also one of the highlights of last years travel memories.

White – Looking sheepish

Tranhumance in Val d’Azun in the French Pyrenees on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Shepherding in Val d’Azun, France

It would have been easy to select an image of pure driven snow in the Alps maybe with garishly dressed skiers providing a little splash of colour to break up the pristine white. However I wanted something a little different, sure the sheep have bee daubed with blue dye but it still provides a slightly different perspective to the required white. It is another from the transhumance of the French Pyrénées as the sheep are being returned to the village in Autumn from the high meadows.

Red – Popping out with a parachute

Parapenting over colour, poppy fields of in Catalonia, Spain on Mallory on Travel, adventure, adventure travel, photography Iain Mallory-300-38 parapenting_spain

High flying over poppy fields

You maybe excused for thinking that my travels have only taken me to the Pyrénées so far, as all but one of these images have come from this mountain range. Parapenting in the Catalan part of the range is another ambition fulfilled, that the landing area also turned out to be a field of bright red poppies was an added bonus. Flowers are obvious candidates for this competition, their colour is necessarily vibrant to attract their pollinators. Fortunately their appeal is not lost on people either, just ask the girls!


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  1. Josie

    Hi Iain,
    These photos are works of art for sure. I know it can take hundreds of duds or not-so-greats before you achieve this level. Great Job and good luck on the competition.

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      Haha thank you Josie, trust me I have taken plenty of duds and still do, really appreciate your kind words though and glad you liked them.

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  2. Lash

    Wow, superb photos!
    Almost makes me shy to enter my own photos… but I will do it for fun.

    Thanks for reminding me of the contest.

    cheers, Lash

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