Postcards from modern Cuban ‘cowboys’

This group of Cuban horsemen were stumbled upon as our tour bus was travelling on the road to Cienfuegos on the Caribbean island. The first image was taken from the front seat of the bus but to my delight we stopped moments later and it was very exciting to be able to take several images of these modern cowboys.

Horseman on the road in Cuba in the Carribean on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Horse train on a Cuban road

We witnessed many interesting characters during this trip to Cuba. Professional models in Havana or a street vendors in Trinidad but guys on horses just have an  extra wow factor for me. Some appear to be on mules but even so this doesn’t make much difference.

I realise these are not really cowboys, they were transporting some form of plants and flowers and have possibly never herded any form of livestock in their lives. None of them resembled Clint Eastwood and they have almost certainly not stampeded a huge herd of frightened cattle. However the child and romantic in me still couldn’t help imagining them leading the nomadic life of modern day cowboys.

Horseriders on the road on Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Ancient but reliable transportation system

Travelling through along the roads of Cuba provides many memorable moments and encounters worthy of an independent post in fact. It is a fascinating country, still authentic especially away from the main tourist areas, there appears to be something of interest around every corner. Regardless of whether exploring a town or the country by car there is so much to see.

Witnessing rows of turkey vultures sitting on posts at the side of the road or feeding on roadkill, workmen drying out rice in huge lines hundreds of metres in length on the tarmac or these horsemen are memories which will remain with me always.

I consider myself a committed solo, independent traveller but have to admit that being able to share these experiences with other like minded travellers was a welcome change.

I hope some of you have the opportunity to experience Cuba soon, additional visitors can only benefit a special destination.

Modern cowboys on the Caribbean island of Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

There’s room on my hourse for two

Character on horseback on the Cienfuegos road in Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Horseriding character


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