Postcards from a Cuban Carnival

Who doesn’t love a carnival, nobody right? It was therefore great to hear that it was festival time in Camaguey while our group would be there. Havana maybe famed for it’s nightlife but it would almost certainlyhave many more tourists too.

Caribbean carnival Cuban style in Camaguey on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Dancing the day away in Camaguey

Perfect timing and the sound of a party on every street corner sounded too good to miss, it was with some anticipation that after a great pizza we went exploring the town.

Although there were street parties in the evening which were pretty cool, it was the daytime carnival which really caught my attention. Complete with fairground rides, loud music providing a constant beat everybody was there to enjoy themselves. There were smiles galore, plenty of dancing and the party was just beginning!

This group was an especially active one, regardless of the music being played they had a dance to suit, salsas, cha-chas, mambos and a few that seemed to be just their own form of moves. They really seemed to be having a great time, sharing good times, a few drinks and happily swapping partners, their enthusiasm was infectious.

They were very photogenic, an attractive group and I enjoyed capturing them with my lens but would happily have joined them for a few dances.

Cuban girl at the Camaguey carnival, salsa festival in Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

A smile worth travelling for

Cuban cool, a girl at the Camaguey carnival on Caribbean Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Just here to look good

There were plenty of food stalls too, most of it looked really tasty but returning the next day when it was a little quieter it was a little disturbing to see lots of prepared meals just sitting on the counter. In the heat and considering how long before more people arrived, the swarms of flies buying any food seemed a really bad idea.

The party continued well into the evening and beyond, streets had been closed off and music attracted the young and beautiful from Camaguey and beyond. Partying Cuba style involves buying a bottle of Havana Club rum between friends, soft drinks are optional, during the course of the evening a few more bottles are likely to be shared.

The street feels a little like a club however, most people just hanging around drinking and talking, a few dancing, all just out for a good time.

Like all good things it had to come to an end, but then again as has been said before “tomorrow is another day!”

Stall close the the huge amplifiers at the Camaguey festival on Caribbean Cuba on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Think those amps might be detrimental to sales

I travelled on a small group excursion with Intrepid Travel on their ‘Best of Cuba’ itinerary but all opinions are formed from my own carnival experience.


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  1. Mike Hinshaw

    I would guess you were very wise, not to purchase the food that was sitting in the sun for a long time. Nothing worse than the trots in a foreign country! Keep the pics coming!!!

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