Postcard from Warsaw; Palace of Culture and Science

The Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science, Poland known as Stalin's Syringe on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Dominating the Warsaw skyline

The Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science is a bit of an enigma, is a throwback to Soviet rule as it was originally a ‘gift’ from the communist state to the people of Poland; it was even named after Joseph Stalin, an honour which was later revoked.

Dominating the skyline, the city’s most visible landmark is not entirely  popular due to the communist connection, one of it’s nicknames is Stalin’s Syringe! It has become however an important cultural hub with theatres, galleries, bookshops cinemas, a chic coffee shop, conference facilites and even an university competing with offices for space.

It is 42 stories high and is currently the 8th tallest building in European Union. Construction was completed in 1n 1955, shortly after which it hosted World Festival of Youth and Students, it has played host to many well known artists from a wide variety of performing arts including the Rolling Stones in 1967.

Finding a beautiful and unexpected cityscape is often a great bonus when visiting a city, match that with a stunning sunset and it makes the moment even more special.

The view below from the terrace on the 30th floor is fantastic from whichever viewpoint is chosen. Catching this one at just the right moment and managing to capture it properly was gratifying.

Whatever it’s roots or uses any building which provides views and moments like this deserves a better nickname!

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Warsaw skyline from the Palace of Culture and Science, Poland on

Warsaw skyscape


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