Postcard from Riga; Between the tramlines

The trams of the Latvian capital of Riga are a perfect way of getting around the city, covering much of the city surrounding the Old Town.

There had been plans to build a Metrolink, but after public opposition amid fears of damage to some of the historical buildings the scheme was scrapped. Instead the trams have been modernised and the system now includes over 120 km of track.

Despite the modern appearance of these trams they still appear to be a transportation method of a bygone era, travelling at a relatively slow speed compared to other transport they are ideal for sightseeing. I suggest as coffee shop tour of the city using this form of public transport to get around.

The public transport sstem of Riga, using trams in Baltic Latvia's capital city on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Catching the tram in Riga


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