Postcard from Oman – portraying intensity

I recently posted another photo of three performers at the Muscat Festival this was one of them but displaying an entirely different image.

I love both images but the portrayal of  intensity in his stare with this one is especially captivating. It is hard to know what is on his mind, but he is not camera shy. Both images convery the photogenic qualites of this Omani gentleman, each I think shows a character with a nomadic spirit.

This image may have been captured at just the right moment as every other time he appeared his ‘performing‘ mask was on full of cheerful smiles, it is obvious he enjoys the music.

An imgae can only portray so much about an individual or even destination, the interpretation is down to the viewer.

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Muscian performing at the Muscat Festival in Oman on Mallory on Travel adventure photography



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