Postcard from a mini Latvian roadtrip

This lovely old diused farm building was on the Latvian road between Riga and Liepaja which as roadtrips go is pretty short only taking a few hours but currently is the only viable way to travel between the two areas.

The countryside was really green and beautiful, lovely old buildings like this one, roadside forests, poppy fields or other blossoming flowers, the air was often heady with the fragrant scent of numerous flowers and grasses.

Nesting storks are also a common site, sat on huge piles of twigs and branches they appear to be the penthouse of nests. Occasionally one will be just stood in the long grass at the side of the road, maybe hitching a lift to Liepaja as it appears to be almost every Latvians favourite place.

Seeing this farmhouse was a little preview of the many old and uninhabited townhouses and buildings of the town most of which although slightly delapidated are still stunning.

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Beautiful rural farmhouses on the Riga to Liepaja road in Baltic Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Rural beauty in Latvia


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