Postcard from Barcelona’s seafaring tradition

The busy coast of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain is a hive of watersport activity. Apart from the commercial ships heading to port there are fishing vessels, yachts, windsurfers and kiteboarders enjoying the coast off this lovely city.

Barcelona also has much to offer onshore after a day spent enjoying the sea. Relaxing for awhile afterwards on a beach or in one of the many chic bars or restaurants enjoying some tapas, paella or other Catalan cuisine seems to fit the bill.

Like many great cities Barcelona appears to owe it’s initial rise to the proximity to the sea and the growth of trade due to the accessiblity of the port, it therefore has a long seafaring history.

Spending a day on a floating museum on a three masted sailing vessel was quite relaxing even though we did experience a little of the hard work required to sail such a ship. Raising and lowering heavy sails is no easy task, even if the ‘crew’ does look chilled out here.

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Sailing in the Mediterranean off the coast of Barcelona, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Fine day for sailing


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