Postcard from a Barcelona outdoor photographic exhibition

Today’s image is a photo of photos. I cannot claim to know the full purpose of this wall in Barcelona city centre near Las Ramblas, it was not really explained by the guide and there was not enough time to stop and enquire.

It’s quite interesting though, probably a sort of outdoor exhibition of interesting and characterful faces in photographic portraits. Not knowing the people on display and their stories is a little sad, there is so much expression portrayed here, every picture seems to have it’s own worthy story to tell. Learning just a few of them would have added to the tour.

In a way not knowing makes it even more interesting as it allows the imagination to provide it’s own answers however if anybody does know the story behind this wall it would be great to hear it. If you are aware of the wall and the motives behind this display of portraiture please help finish this post and leave a comment explaining it for us all.

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Photographic wall in Barcelona, Spanish Catalonia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Wall of portraits


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