Postcard from a Latvian sunset on a Baltic beach

It is not often enough that we experience a genuine treat but the expanse of white sand that is the Baltic blue flag beach of Liepāja in the west of Latvia qualifies for me.

The coastline here is pristine, absolutely spotless,the result of a tireless cleaning programme which even included removing dead, washed up seaweed. These are piled in tidy little pyramids along the tideline until they are collected later.

The other great surprise is that it is almost as quiet. It is hard to imagine a stretch of coastline anywhere that is this clean and this quiet. That does not mean it is completely deserted there are plenty of people making the most of the opportunity to get a little sun and play some volleyball or just hang out. There are still acres of space to set up a lounger or court, whatever the preference.

Sunset on the Baltic coastline at Liepaja in Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Dark skies at sunset

There are a number of bars and refreshment stalls beneath the dunes and also an area reserved for watersports further along away from the main stretch available to bathers. This image was taken from the seating area of one of these bars, though as it was after a few mojitos so a tripod was definitely required.

Incidentally at the time of year this appears to be as dark as the skies ever get and ‘night’ lasts only a matter of a couple of hours. So before you know it sunrise needs to be captured!

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  1. Judith Abraham

    Brilliant photo for one season. @Traveljunkie I have taken pictures from a little fishing boat, sailing along the shore in winter and they are truly amazing as well. Great destination.

  2. Mike Hinshaw

    @MalloryOnTravel This is a great picture, but I like the part about my favorite drink Mojitos!!! Ha. Safe Travels mi amigo!!!

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