Baltic Adventures – Epic Latvia itinerary

I will be leaving for a trip to Latvia for some Baltic adventures on Saturday representing Traveldudes. This country was recently voted by users of popular social media platforms as the most beautiful country in the World.

The intinerary looks really exciting, there are a few intriguing inclusions especially during the visit to Karosta Prison which has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places on earth! This makes the ghost hunting night sound especially appealing and then there is the spy game ‘Escape from USSR’.

It sounds epic to me and hopefully you are equally excited and intrigued and will follow the trip via the #ePicLatvia hashtag which will be used throughout the adventure. We will also be experimenting by using city/destination specific hashtags as the trip travels around the country, so watch out for them too.

June 9th – Travelling from Manchester to Riga via London Gatwick

The Old Town in Riga the Latvian capital on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

The Old Town, Riga Image: Latvia Tourism Association

Arrival at #Riga airport. Transfer and check in at the Hotel Gutenbergs in the Old Town.

Meeting with Live Riga representative at the hotel lobby. Enjoying the breathtaking views and a chic welcome cocktail from Riga’s trendy Skyline Bar.

Dinner at the restaurant B-bar in Old Town followed by discovering the vibrant Riga nightlife!

June 10th – Riga

Breakfast at the hotel

am – Riga City tour with English speaking guide Margita through the  Art Nouveau region Old Town  including Bergs Bazaar

Lunch with a TAVA representative at the wine bar Garage in Bergs Bazaar

pm – Free time exploring stunning Riga including a possible revisit to the city nightlife!

June 11th – Riga

Breakfast at the hotel

am – City tour with English speaking guide Zane including Riga Central market and Spikeri district

The Northern Fort in the port of Liepāja in the north of Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

The Northern Fort, Liepāja Image Latvian Tourism Association

Lunch – With Live Rīga Marketing and communication director Mr. Aigars Smiltāns. Tasting the June special offer in relation to the project DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS DESTINATION — RIGA.

pm – More free time in the city!

June 12thDepart Riga/Skrunda/Arrive Liepaja

am – Transfer from Riga to #Skrunda (Milk Manor)

Story of Milk Manor– Museum of Milk, Old manor, country sauna house, camp site, tennis courts, lifestyle (health treatments, seminars & trainings, eco food) followed by lunch.

pm -Demonstration of health treatments available – milk bath, relaxation massages, black Latvian sauna etc.

Transfer from Skrunda to #Liepāja

Evening – Dinner at Hotel “Kolumbs” restaurant, address: Kuršu iela 32, Liepāja

Staying the night at Hotel Poriņš, address: Palmu iela 5, Liepāja

June 13th – Liepaja

am – Interview with Judith Abraham, owner of luxury apartments in Liepāja, Latvia and London, England. ( address: Vitolu nams, Vītolu iela 1, Liepāja Lux Loft apartment no 13, garret floor, Ph + 37128679127

The ancient Latvian city and port of Liepāja on the Baltic east coast on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Liepāja Image Latvian Tourism Association

Walking tour around the city featuring:

Liepāja’s architectural heritage (Art Nouveaux, Max Paul Bertchy, authentic wooden architecture from 16th and 17th century)

  • Liepāja blue flag beach and resort traditions (possible future development) – white sand beach, Seaside park, improved accessibility to beach and beach services for people with reduced mobility and reduced vision

Lunch – at restaurant “Pastnieka Māja”, address: Fr. Brīvzemnieka iela 53, Liepāja (Latvian language only)

pm – After a good midday meal there will be the opportunity to descover the city for myself.

Overnight stay provided by Karosta/Liepaja Accommodation and breakfast at Hotel Poriņš, address: Palmu iela 5, Liepāja.

June 14th –Liepaja/ Karosta

  • Activities in #Karosta
  • Excursion around Karosta Prison
  • Excursion around Karosta
  • Lunch in Buffet of Karosta Prison
  • Interview with Monta Krafte, manager of Karosta Prison and/ or another staff of prison
  • Spy game ‘Escape from USSR’
  • There will be photo plen-air Karosta-photo osta 2012 taking place in Karosta and Karosta prison that day, possibly some interviews with photographers.
  • Moonshine brewing in Karosta Prison
  • Ghost hunting night tour

An overnight stay at the Karosta Prison Hotel

Karosta prison, museum and hotel in Latvia on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Karosta prison Image: Latvia Tourism Association

June 15th- Depart Karosta/Arrive Riga

Transportation to #Riga

Check in at the Albert hotel in Riga

Yet another free Day in Riga, it’s going to be awesome and an unusual experience on a blogtrip having so much freetime to explore on my own.

June 16th- Depart Riga/Transport to Airport

Flying from Riga to London Gatwick and then onward to Manchester.

This will be a great trip organised by the Latvia Tourism Association and I hope you follow both Becky from @globalgrasshopper and I on our epic Latvian adventure on twitter and other social media platforms from Saturday.


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  1. Simon

    Looks like an amazing experience! I’ve never been to Latvia so I’m very curious to read about that and to see loads of photos!
    Enjoy this epic trip, Iain!

  2. Judith Abraham

    Latvia is the most amazing country. I discovered it about 12 years ago and am addicted to Liepaja, in particular. Can’t wait to meet up with Becky at the LuxLoft next week.

  3. Daniel McBane

    I might be going to Europe this summer and if I do, I’m thinking about visiting the Baltic countries. I will be following your trip with interest. I’m especially curious to know what the prices are currently like in that part of the world an if it would be affordable to stay for a longer period of time.

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