Memorabilia from the occupation of Poland in the Uprising Museum Warsaw

Postcard from Warsaw; Uplifted and inspired

There are few more inspiring or uplifting museums I have visited than the Uprising Museum in Warsaw. It is such a positive place about really bleak periods of Polish history.

Detailing the Polish resistance during its occupation by Nazi Germany during WWII and then its subsequent annexation by the Soviet Union it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of man.

The ‘uprising’ began in 1944 but the museum continues the story right up to when the Soviets left, it is always upbeat although sensitive to the many of the atrocities which occurred throughout these occupations.

I have visited a number of museums dealing with similar subjects and none have carried it off anywhere near as well as here. It is one of my favourite museums and easy to understand why the residents of Warsaw are so proud of it.

A great deal of Warsaw has been restored and rebuilt since World War II, and it has become a modern, well facilitated city since the end of the cold war and demise of the Soviet Union, but the museum ensures that the history of Poland, and it’s defiance in the face of oppression will never be forgotten.

For those planning a visit to the city, the Uprising Museum should be added to the itinerary, it is highly recommended and a must not miss. You know I don’t say such things often, so it should be taken seriously.

For those that are interested in reading more there is a full post – Warsaw Uprising Museum – Resistance & Renaissance

Memorabilia from the occupation of Poland in the Uprising Museum Warsaw



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