Postcard from Switzerland and the Lion of Lucerne

The impressive crying Lion of Lucerne or Löwendenkmal is one of the city’s most famous monuments and being carved out of the surrounding sandstone hill, small wonder.

Located just a short walk from the city centre, although very popular it’s also a good place to find a little peace and quiet and not visiting it would be a great shame.

The poor lion appears to be extremely upset, not surprising when impaled by a spear which along with the shield  confirm that  man’s destructive and popular pastime of warfare is the inspiration.

It is a memorial to the 600 Swiss Guard which died during the French Revolution defending King Louis.

The inscription “Helvetiorum Fidei Ac Virtuti” is of course Latin and apparently means “To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss”.

Sculpted in 1820 – 22 byLukas Ahorn it provides an enduring but poignant memory of the city which straddles the Reuss River. It so struck Mark Twain that he declared it “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.”

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The famous Lion of Lucerne in the Swiss city by Lake Lucerne on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Mournful in sandstone


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