Postcard from giant beach mushrooms, Essaouira

I loved these beach sunshades the moment I laid eyes on them, and spent awhile trying to find an uncluttered image which showed them off without too many distractions.

I just love the haphazard spacing and angles, they look like giants just threw them into the sand leaving them where they landed. They also look like huge mushrooms but maybe that is my love of edible fungi driving my imagination!

This is the Atlantic beach of Essaouira in Morocco‘s ‘Windy City’ and it is still just a little too mild for the sun worshoppers to be out in force. In another month or so these will undoubtedly be the sanctuary of many from the fierce midday sun.

It also provides me a chance to share an image for #BeachThursday on twitter which I rarely seem to have many to post. I hope it has you dreaming of lazing on your favourite beach somewhere with an iced coffee or even a cocktail and good book maybe?

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Sunshades on the Atlantic beach of Essaouira, Morocco on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Waiting for the crowds to arrive


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  1. [email protected]

    Ah, sweet Essaouira (what I call “The Land of Vowels”!) And ah yes, fresh mushrooms (your title piqued my interest for I couldn’t imagine such fungi thriving there amid the dusty sands.) I too (?) am an avid wild mushroom seeker (I say “too” ‘cuz I presume if you love the edibles, you’ve tasted them fresh from the woods, no?)

    Interesting shot of the “shrooms”. That particular locale looks familiar – I believe I once found a geocache (via horseback) not too far from there.

    1. Post

      Lol I might get sued for false titling Dyanne have to be more careful in future. I have done some mushroom hunting but in Catalonia, and yes they were especially tasty.

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