Postcard from the future stars of FC Barcelona

It may seem a little strange that in a city famed for its wonderful culture the first image chosen to represent Barcelona is two young boys playing football.

However it maybe a matter of perception, these youngsters enjoying a kick about in the centre of the Catalonian capital epitomise the vibrancy and sense of fun which is evident throughout the city. Exploring the city with a knowledgeable guide there was even more to discover than probably anticipated but the ‘feel good’ vibe appears to follow explorers wherever they venture.

FC Barcelona is a proud footballing city and have for a number of years been the undisputed champions Europe, they play the beautiful game the way it is supposed to be played with panache and style. They play a game of possession, it almost seems they can just keep the ball until they decide to score. No doubt these two young players dream of pulling on the famous ‘Blaugrana’ shirt.

Few things represent the beautiful city better than the beautiful game!

It is important to remain observant  when exploring this great city, it is easy to become totally absorbed in the architecture, culture and history and miss the daily going ons on at street level.

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Barcelona football stars of the future in Las Rambles in the Catalonian capital on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Messi and Ronaldo maybe?


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