Postcard from Spetses, a Greek promise of Adventure

Everybody is a sucker for a great sunset and I’m a always enchanted by a jetty which seems to point into the sea or a lake. They promise adventures, it is easy to imagine a sailing boat temporarily mooring by the side before sailing off chasing the horizon attempting to discover where the fiery sky ends.

This treat was presented to me late autumn last year on the Saronic Island of Spetses, after spending the previous day on its sister island Hydra drinking Greek coffee.

Just out of shot is an inflatable and while it is not quite as romantic as a yacht it was still tempting to borrow it and row out as far as possible. Fortunately for me perhaps my guide wasn’t so enamoured with the idea and anyway it was mojito time. Never mind an adventure is never too far away.

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A lonely jetty at sunset on the Greek Saronic Island of Spetses near Athens on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Spectacular Spetses sunset


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