Postcard from Gullfoss – Mighty Icelandic Cascade

Gullfoss is the mightiest waterfall on Iceland and is one of its biggest attractions being included on the popular ‘Golden Circle‘ tour.

Gullfoss where the River Hvita cascades, Icelandic waterfall on the Golden Circle tour on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Mighty cascading falls

The sound of the crashing waters of the River Hvita as they cascade down three tiers is tumultuous and the spray is like a fine mist which is carried on the wind for several hundred metres. Waterproofs are necessary almost as soon as the descent via the footpath is made to get a closer to the falls. The falls are impressive and beautiful, they took my breath away due to the obvious power of the tons of water cascading into the depths of the chasm.

It is easily reached from Reykjavik on a day excursion either by car or joining the tour which includes the geothermal pools of Geysir and the  Þingvellir National Park. Fit in a late trip to the Blue Lagoon and almost all of the islands famous attractions will have been visted in a single day!

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Gullfoss part of the Golden Circle tour including Geysir and Pingvellir, Iceland on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Up close and personal


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