Postcard from Barcelona’s very fast lane

Formula One really can deservedly be called ‘the show’ it is such a huge event and a very prestigious for any city to host. The Catalonians are very proud to it is here, even my taxi driver yesterday was very animated when informing me F1 was in town for the weekend.

There is not any comparison to watching it on television. It is true it can feel a little like a procession, as overtaking is in short supply but it is a procession that reaches speeds in excess of 300kph! The whole experience is much more absorbing.

Formula one racing at the Barcelona Spanish Grand Prix on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Hammertime on the Catalunya Circuit

There seems to be something happening everywhere you look. Support teams preparing cars for the race with meticulous care, catering staff demonstrating equal attention to detail, drivers giving interviews, crowds of specatators soaking up the atmosphere or vying for the best view and media photographers stalking the crew areas before staking their claim to the best vantage points. Oh and attractive women mainly just looking pretty.

The colour and pageantry is specatcular, vibrant hues adorn flags, hats, cars even team trailers. The constant scream of finely tuned engines threatens to permanently damage eardrums and earplugs are essential. All the senses feel involved, alive with the ‘buzz’ from the crowd, their excitement is infectious. F1 live may just have found a convert.

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Grandstand at the Catalunya Circuit near Barcelona, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography



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