Postcard from FC Barcelona – Camp Nou

As a lover of football and the beautiful game, visiting the Camp Nou home of Barcelona was a sort of pilgrimage as they are reknowned as the purest exponents of the sport.

Standing in the famous stadium and even getting to walk on hallowed turf and understanding the enormous privilege many fanatical supporters will never experience. It is a special moment and it’s significance was not lost on me.

The motto “More than just a club” is emblazoned on the seating and is so true. FC Barcelona is an important part of Catalonian culture, it is carreid in the heart of many from the city and region. They have great pride in the huge success of the team and that they can have a say in how their club is managed.

The museum is fascinating also, there is such a rich history of football and the displays are really visual, strong, vibrant colours and of course the trophies won by one of the World’s great football institutions.

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The Nou Camp home of FC Barcelona in the Catalan capital on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

A stadium with wow factor


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