Postcard from the Cairo skyline, Egypt

Thinking about one of the World’s oldest cities of Islam should quicken the pulse of any traveller. The word chaos could almost have been invented to define Egpyt’s city of villages which is estimated to home between 14 and 20 million people, nobody really knows.

Looking over the great Egyptian city of Cairo 'Mother of the World' on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Um ad-Dunya ‘Mother of the World’

Thrown headlong into the turmoil of the metropolis can be overwhelming. The tumultuous cacophony of sound hits like an express train, streets bustling with locals and tourists, calling hawkers advertising their wares and traffic honking its way along the highways all under a constant cloak of smog.

Before diving in it is worth taking a moment, possibly over a mint tea or strong coffee to soak in the history and culture which makes up the charisma of this great city. Consider that Egyptians have called it home for over 13 centuries, is known to its residents as Um ad-Dunya ‘Mother of the World’ and has over 600 classified monuments!

Wander through the many districts, get a lost in the intricate backstreets, wonder at the relics of the fascinating Egyptian Museum, browse the colourful and aromatic souks, savour the Islamic district, then settle down again, possibly experimenting with a flavoured sheesha and marvel at eternal Cairo.

Cairo skyline from the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Egypt on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Cairo skyline


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