Postcard from a Barcelona fishing boat

Those of you that visit this site regularly will know I have a love and fascination for fishing boats. The next post will probably be a photo essay on this subject so think of this one as a preview.

This small vessel was encountered whilst sailing off the coast of Barcelona on a floating museum that rarely leaves the safety of it’s mooring. It was a privilege to spend several hours enjoying the view and experiencing a little of the maritime traditions of the city. We helped ‘set’ the sails, which is pretty hard work and I tried playing captain, steering the three masted ship out of the harbour.

These fishermen were on their way back to port at the sametime as us and although probably in a hurry to unload their catch they were very friendly, waving frantically and showing off a little of the fish they had caught before speeding off.

They showed us one particularly fine specimen which was undoubtedly destined for one of the many fine restaurants along  the seafront and maybe just a few hours later I was sinking a fork into that very fish.

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Barcelona fisherman speeding to shore with more fish for the Catalonian restaurants of Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Fishermen heading home with their catch


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  1. Michael Davis

    Hi there. I am so glad to see that you spent some quality time in a beautiful place like Barcelona. That amazing postcard photo looked like heavenly to me. Hope to hear more about Barcelona.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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