Postcards from a Tarragona tearaway segway tour

Segway tours are often included in a blog trip, they are such fun, quirky vehicles and an ideal method of touring any city destination.

I have heard a few state they would never take a segway tour but that is a shame as although they do not go especially fast they are certainly quick enough for a busy city centre. A steady stream of segways negotiating the often narrow streets of Tarragona in Catalonia attracted plenty of attention and overly concerned pedestrians occasionally jumping for cover too.

The Cathedral in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Segway tourers outside the Cathedral

They have a top speed just over 12 mph so much quicker than walking, making them a viable alternative for exploring more of a destination than walking alone, especially if time is short.

They are easy to operate, leaning forward or backward controls the movement and speed whilst the steering column takes care of the direction. Within just a few minutes most people have complete control and are able to manoeuvre them confidently through even busy streets.

There is little that can go wrong, but one word of advice if control is lost, do not attempt to hang on, simply step off and let go, the segway will automatically come to a stop.

Taking photographs on the Tarragona city segway tour in Catalan Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Photographing the photog

Our little convoy of bloggers and entourage of around 14 in total must have been an especially strange sight weaving our way through the streets and precincts. Everybody was whizzing around taking photos on the move, tweeting whenever possible and stopping suddenly when anything of interest was spotted.

If these images seem less than sharp its I’m using the excuse that I was usually on the move when taking them!

Segway touring the Roman archeological ruins of Argos Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Green touring in Tarragona

There is plenty to catch the eye too, apart from the Roman archeological sites scattered around the city there is a lovely Cathedral, interesting street art and monuments. The many attractive old buildings which have been restored for commercial use without spoiling their character are also great lens magnets.

There is even a surf beach and there were a few out catching waves with huge tankers providing a contrasting backdrop in the shipping lane out to sea.

It was really tempting to just go off and explore on my segway alone. This just seemed like it would be so much fun, though I would probably have needed a government health warning for the pedestrians and car users to warn them to avoid me!

A segway tour in Spain or any destination is thoroughly recommended. A knowlegdgeable guide is usually provided and a huge grin at the end is almost guaranteed!

Surf's up in Tarragona, Spain with surfers and tankers on the Catalonian sea on Mallory on Travel adventure photography

Look I’m standing up!


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