Postcard from a Seeb shoe shop, Oman

This is a traditional shoe maker and repairer in the small fishing village of Seeb near Muscat, Oman.

He does not appear to actually have a stall just a small corner of the souk, where he sets up his very basic equipment. This seems to consist of a small hammer, glues, tacks and a crude anvil.

Using mixed off cuts of leather he is able to repair the holes in sandals and shoes. The repair initially looks quite crude but after just a few minutes of cutting, fixing and ‘sanding’ the repair is hardly noticeable.

There is something strangely calming about watching a traditional craftsman go about their trade, there is usually an absence of noisy machinery. They are often skilled artisans and the products produced can be very beautiful.

Seeb is a quiet town where the traditional Omani way of life still seems to exist, so close to Muscat it is a great and convenient place to visit.

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Repeairing shoes in Seeb, near Muscat, Oman on Mallory on Travel adventure, photography

Traditional shoe repair


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